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I wound up spending my afteroon at the Tufts Dental Clinic emergency room. I went based on Crash's recomendation. If you know who Crash is then you probably know the list in question; if you don't then you don't. I'd definitely go there again if I ever again need emegency dental care.

Lower right rear molar (#31) had been damaged close enough to the bifurcation that the tooth really couldn't be salvaged. Bacteria had gotten into the tooth and down into the jaw and was growing down there at the tips of the roots, thus the source of the pain. The tooth had to come out, so out it came -- though not so easily. One of the roots was curved such that it held onto my jaw stronger than the dental student could hold with his pliers. So, he bumped it up to his resident who used a simple trick that the student didn't think of: he drilled a hole in the side of the tooth and used one of the extraction lever tools to pull it out. It worked. Out! Out! damned spot!

Got me my penecillin and my Vicodin. Don't need the Vikes right now. It doesn't hurt much, just a dull bit of discomfiture. I took some Ibruprofin as the anasthetics were wearing off and I seem to be okay without the heavy (heavier) stuff.


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