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The Crest of the Stars TV show has a couple of events that seemingly make little sense because they lack context. Fortunately for fans, Tokyo Pop has been publishing English translations of the novels, with two out and one to go. The first novel covers the invasion of Martine (Jinto's homeworld) up to the start of Lafiel's escape from Baron Febdosh. The second novel covers from that point up to the Abh's plan to recapture Safugnoff from the United Mankind.

The first event is the destruction of the Leif Erikson. It is unclear when or why the ship exploded or where it was. The first novel answers those questions. "Where" is Martine's orbit. "When" is 24 days before the Abh invade the Martine system. "Why" is because the Abh cause the Yuanon in the Leif Erikson's drive to change state and explode into a Sord -- the same Sord that the Abh use to invade the system 24 days later.

The second event is Admiral Trife sending the Futuune Reconnaissance Fleet into the fray in the lead, which made little sense to me because recon units are usually fast and lightly armed. They usually are not front-line units. This does not occour until the third book, but the reason is revealed in the second: Abh recon units are designed to obtain intelligence in enemy territory by any and all means necessary. If an enemy gets in the way of a recon unit then the unit simply blows it away. Recon Fleets have five times the firepower of the regular fleets -- they are also that much more costly to construct and maintain which is why everything in the Abh Star Forces isn't Recon Fleets. With six regular fleets plus the Futuune at his command, the Futuune alone carries half of his total available firepower. He simply smashes the enemy with the biggest hammer he has.
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