Jan. 19th, 2007

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I finished Dead Rising this evening. By "finish" I mean that I got the "A" ending and completed Overtime Mode to get the true ending. For all that it is a silly, campy, over the top zombie movie turned into a game, it actually has some pretty good game play. What I think is notable is that if Frank (the main character) dies, you can restart with all of his experience levels. That means you start with more health, more inventory slots, and more skills each time you play the game even if you don't finish. In other words, the game automatically becomes easier the more you play. That's cool.

If you are playing Dead Rising and finding it difficult, or you've given up in disgust because it is too hard, try doing the Zombie Genocider achievement. Killing 53,594 zombies in one play through gets you a lot of PP (experience) and thus quite a few levels, and it unlocks the Real Mega Buster -- that's Mega Man's right arm canon. The bad: you can only carry one Real Mega Buster; the shots are slow so quick-moving targets at long ranges can avoid the shots. The good: it respawns in the Security Room if you don't have one in inventory; it has 300 shots; it kills psychopaths (bosses) with just a few hits.


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